SX02 Motorsport Simulator


Steering System

+ Accuforce Direct Drive Servo Steering System, provides the ultimate feedback to the driver
+ Super Quaddro Flat Bottom Suede Wheel, with Shift Paddles, pit speed limiter, ignition, starter and data display selection on Motec style digital data dash.


Software installed:

 Automobilista, iRacing & Assetto Corsa

plus Z1 Telemetry Software enabling data logging and review of lap telemetry.

Enables driving on most tracks in Australia with wide range of vehicles, from clubmans, formula ford to wordl series,  Porsche cup cars, V8 super cars through to trucks !

Computer and Audio

High end gaming PC 

1060GTX Graphics card

Integrated Dolby Sound System

Simworx Bass Pump Vibration Transducer mounted under seat

Kevlar Sub Woofer - chassis mounted - under seat

Mid range speakers

sim chassis.jpg

Pedal sets

Simworx Pro Series Hydraulic Load Cell pedal sets
Engineered pedals give real feel and control.
Brake pressure is adjustable to suit driver

Gear Selection

Quick changeover Shifter mount system:-
+ Steering mounted paddle shift
+ Billet Albins style Sequential Shifter
+ H Pattern Shifter


Simworx SX02 Alloy Aerodyne Predator Chassis
GT3 Style OMP THE-R Race Seat  
Raised pedal platform
Adjustable sliders for seat adjustment